Your Path to Medicine


Your Path to Medicine By: Philip Fallah Growing up as an Iranian-Chinese American, my parents emphasized the importance of community as it is an inherent value to those cultures. Whatever I did when I “grew up” would be with the purpose of uplifting those in my community without the same privileges that I had as a child. Thanks to Ms. Chambers, my high school Biology teacher, I found a deep appreciation for science that cultivated my want to dedicate my life to the study and/or practice of “science”. At this point, I thought I would either go into research or [... Read More]

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Why is DFAD Important?


WHY IS DFAD IMPORTANT? By Shilpa Kumar “You’re the first Black surgeon I’ve seen!” was the first thing a student said to a panelist during a Q&A session at the most recent Doctor for a Day. A simple statement was a reminder of the large impression representation can make. Doctor for a Day aims to increase diversity in medicine by encouraging underrepresented minority students in middle and high school to explore the possibility of entering healthcare. Through hands-on activities, workshops, and conversations with physicians from similar backgrounds, students leave with a better idea of medicine and their potential journey of [... Read More]

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What Obstacle Have You Overcome?


What obstacle have you overcome? By: L'Oreal Kennedy The path through academia can be quite treacherous but the rewards are immeasurable. I am a first-generation college student and the first person on either side of my family to earn a doctorate. My mother started going to school at the age of 12 and stopped at the age of 16 once she became pregnant. Without the precedent of higher education in my family, I was tasked with navigating college on my own. I experienced domestic violence, isolation, anxiety, depression, and even homelessness. What kept me going was knowing that other Black [... Read More]

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