Project Description


Date & Location: 10/12/19 

University of Washington South Campus Center

Theme: Hematology / Oncology


Physicians in Hematology and Oncology joined us today to engage 40 local middle school and high school students in learning about blood and cancer. In the morning, our medical student and physician volunteers led the students through pathophysiology of blood and cancer, live ultrasound of organs, photos of abnormal hematologic/oncologic imaging, and mock patient visits with signs and symptoms of hematologic illnesses and cancer. The lunch panel showcased underrepresented medical students, residents, and attendings who had both traditional and non-traditional paths to medicine. In the afternoon, the students were able to see gross anatomy of oncologic abnormalities, develop their microscopy skills while viewing blood and cancer histology, and engage in a discussion regarding cancer prevention. Thank to our community partner, Muslim Health Professionals, for providing lunch and bringing your student members to our event!


Join Over 1,200 King County Students having attended Doctor for a Day (DFAD)