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This program is fundamental to showing K-12 students from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds the vast array of careers that they can pursue. These students are the future and will change the face of medicine and we deliver health care. We are so thankful to have supporters who have allowed us to increase the exposure of underrepresented students within the Seattle and Greater Seattle region to STEM and healthcare. Our focus on elementary, middle and high school students is critical to increasing underrepresented students in health professions. Research shows that without intervention in elementary school, underrepresented students may lose interest in science and math by their teens and discount their abilities in those subjects before finishing high school.

Early socialization and achievement experiences can have a substantial impact not only on the pursuit of STEM and health careers but on community health outcomes. A diverse health profession workforce leads to improvement in health care, access to providers and health facilities, and equitable health for all patients.

Diversity and Inclusion Matters

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Your Path to Medicine

Your Path to Medicine By: Philip Fallah Growing up as an Iranian-Chinese American, my parents emphasized the importance of community as it is an inherent value to those cultures. [... Read More]



“Our goal in 2019-2020 is to increase our capacity to reach more students, provide more robust curriculum and programming and
track our students’ long-term successes.”

Dr. Estell Williams, Executive Director, Doctor for a Day Program

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